Wholesale & Bulk Biodegradable Compostable Straws Made from Plants!

  • Made from wheat & cane. Nothing else.

  • We’ve created YesStraws as an eco-friendly alternative to harmful plastic straws. Let’s change the world for the better together.

Made from wheat & cane. Nothing else.

We’ve created YesStraws as an eco-friendly alternative to harmful plastic straws. Let’s change the world for the better together.

Biodegradable straws to help our planet

As individuals, we pay much attention to our daily impacts on the environment. All of us want to make local neighbourhood and planet in general a better and safer place to live in. That is why we have created compostable YesStraws: natural drinking straws from wheat and cane stems which are meant to replace harmful plastic products.

Wheat straws

Cane straws

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Why is it so important to ban all kinds of plastics and search for the biodegradable and compostable alternatives? Well, various researches and reports show the ugly truth behind the consuming single-use plastics. SUPs do not biodegrade instead turning into microplastics which damage wildlife and humans bodies through the future food. As for the single-use plastic straws, they are named among the top 10 items found during the beaches cleanups. Millions of disposable straws are used and thrown away daily, and none of them can be recycled. Lots of them get into ocean harming marine life in terrible ways and amounts. Documentaries show sea animals suffering and dying from plastic in their bodies. There is no way to continue this terrifying and absurd pollution.

We know it is almost impossible and often inconvenient to be straw-free in the modern world but we have found the way for those who want to go green with comfort. The solution is to choose biodegradable drinking straws. YesStraws are exactly what you need as far as they come from 100% plant-based materials which decompose fast and easily. Our organic products are absolutely eco-friendly so everyone can contribute to the pollution reduction by choosing these compostable straws.

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High-quality eco straws with great looks

While inventing YesStraws, we were keeping in mind a few basic goals which we successfully achieved. Now we can confirm that the products we offer are:

Eco-friendly. Our compostable straws are truly earth-friendly as we create ecologically beneficial production by using agricultural by-products and giving life to the plant-based material which was treated as waste before.

Biodegradable and compostable. As far as we use pure plant material, you can move closer to the 0 waste concept of living with YesStraws. The straws decompose in a few months and live no toxic traces, actually no traces at all.

High-quality. We thoroughly choose suppliers and deliver only high-grade products. Our biodegradable straws are made of clean 100% natural material and do not contain any toxic chemicals as plastic disposable drinking straws You get a solid item suitable for cold and hot drinks that will not sodden or add a side taste.

Super stylish and comfortable to use. Everybody likes to surround himself or herself by good-looking stuff. And even though the trendy appearance of our compostable straws was not the top priority, we are totally satisfied with the final look of YesStraws we got. Mother Earth did her best to help us in creating elegant stylish straws. Every time you take them, your internal aesthete gets his portion of delight.

Plant-based straws are the best

We make compostable YesStraws from wheat and cane stems which are grown in ecologically clean regions. Mentioned crops are easy to cultivate and they do not require too many natural resources. Moreover, we also use by-products produced during harvesting which helps to make the whole manufacture chain more productive. Wheat and cane are perfect crops in terms of renewability and economic efficiency.

You might have also heard about a few more alternatives to harmful single-use plastic straws. Paper, bamboo, metal, as well as recyclable bioplastic straws, can be found on the market. Nevertheless, we are always up to compostable straws made of plants. Bioplastic items are rather comfortable and cheap but they require special conditions to decay which are not usually provided because of users unawareness or lack of facilities. As a result, most of the recyclable bioplastic straws become as hazardous as usual plastic ones. Paper straws seem to be natural and eco, still, they are not suitable for hot drinks and always become extremely soggy. Add here deforestation and paper straws will not sound like a perfect choice anymore. Bamboo and metal straws is a far better switch from plastic items. But here we also have some significant cons. Biodegradable bamboo straws have irregular diameters which makes them useless for smoothies and thicker drinks. Also, bamboo eco drinking straws are not unlimitedly reusable as some might think. Their life cycle does not usually exceed 10-20 uses. Metal straws are eco-friendly and nice in terms of durability but they cannot be used with hot drinks and their prices tend to be costly.

All the above makes us say ‘Yes’ to compostable YesStraws and ‘No’ to other alternatives.

Biodegradable and compostable drinking straws for zero waste lifestyle

We have created high-quality products that perform fine. But one more important aspect was to make our straws harmless to the environment. And we’ve done it.

We find zero-waste approach to life highly beneficial to all communities and the planet. During the production of YesStraws, we apply different technologies to make the whole process zero waste. We know that moving to a greener way of life may be challenging, still, small steps contribute much to the overall impact. We think that one of those ecological decisions can be the replacement of plastic straws. It won’t be difficult as we have a perfect alternative for you. With YesStraws you will not produce waste after drinking your favourite drink at the local bar. You may be sure that our naturally recyclable straws will not be stuck on the landfills for ages polluting the environment. These plant-based products disappear in a few months without any harm. YesStraws are:

Biodegradable: the straws decay naturally under the influence of microorganisms. This process does not require any special conditions or effort and it usually takes around a few months to decompose.

Compostable: the straws can be put to the compost. After being put into the special compost environment, the straws will decompose faster. This is a sound variant for those who make compost and use it as fertiliser.

We love the idea that our eco straws are handy just when you need it, but then they disappear and leave no traces. It is absolutely cool that you can purchase biodegradable straws bulk and be confident that all the amount will decay after use.

Eco-friendly straws are our mission

We consider ourselves as a totally eco-friendly brand. If you have not only been searching for organic drinking straws but also for a product with the least possible harm to the environment, then you have found exactly what you need. Compostable YesStraws are ecologically beneficial and they contribute to the green living. Here are the main steps we make to be earth-friendly in all possible ways:

- We choose raw material from renewable resources. Cane and wheat stems are usually treated as waste in agriculture operations. Therefore, when we process this ‘waste’, we do not additionally deplete natural resources. Moreover, our production is ecologically beneficial as we take away the material which would end up on the landfills.

- We use recycled package to store and deliver our product. All the packages come in stylish minimalistic design and they can be recycled.

- We constantly adjust the production processes in order to minimise waste and resource usage. Our goal is to make 0 waste manufacture.

- We create biodegradable products which contribute to the worldwide eco movement of banning plastic and finding great substitutes to SUPs. Our team is a group of dedicated people leading a green way of living. We participate in various environmental projects, volunteer at local ecological events and show the comfortable eco-friendly alternatives to harmful items people use daily.

- Our compostable natural straws contain no toxic or artificial substances. Wheat and cane straws biodegrade without any special conditions. Used items will simply disappear in a few months without harming anything or anybody.


YesStraws contribute to the sustainability of environment. Let’s increase this impact by switching to eco-friendly biodegradable straws.

Compostable straws wholesale: excellent product at a fair price

Straws are highly demanded nowadays. Thousands of people use disposable straws every day: some find it indispensable for drinking on-the-go while others simply enjoy the comfort of sipping their drinks at the bar with straw. Lots of cocktails require using a drinking straw to appreciate their unique features. Many people take a straw to ensure they will not deal with potentially dirty surfaces of their cups or glasses. Other folks like serving the table or parties with these items. And, of course, there are people who need drinking straws because of health conditions.

The demand for straws is great in various spheres and we know we can meet the modern needs of businesses and individuals with our eco-friendly compostable straws.

We offer favourable price-lists if you want to purchase biodegradable straws wholesale. We work with different businesses as well as with individual buyers. Buy compostable straws bulk for:

Individual use. Drink your favourite beverages with elegant disposable biodegradable straws. You can serve the drinks in style and do not worry about harming the planet. A big pack of compostable straws will help you dozens of times.

Business use. YesStraws partners come from various businesses: from bars and cafes to zero waste, wine and decor shops. We offer nice price lists for those who want to deal with us on a permanent basis and are willing to buy biodegradable straws wholesale. Disposable natural eco straws is the best solution for all types of cafes and bars. We have already helped many companies with the transition from plastic straws to compostable YesStraws and we hope to continue changing the world for the better with you.

Are you thinking of providing yourself and your family with the sufficient supply of compostable straws? Or are you trying to make your business more eco-friendly and find an alternative to plastic items? Contact us and order biodegradable straws wholesale.

Key benefits of YesStraws

In times, when being eco-conscious becomes a worldwide trend, we are sure that our recyclable straws can add to the ecology movements. We have put much effort in creating high-quality biodegradable straws. You will like YesStraws because they are:

Natural. Plant-based material leaves a wonderful feeling on your lips.

Biodegradable and compostable. All the used straws disappear in a few months.

Comfortable to use. The various sizes and high-quality compostable material make our straws suitable for all hot and cold drinks.

Eco-friendly in every way. We make our best to conserve natural resources and not to damage the wold we are living in.

The cutest. Our biodegradable straws look great in all beverages. Whether you choose a glass of plain water or opt for a fancy cocktail, YesStraws will add extra points to the overall impression. Enjoy drinks in style while helping the planet stay clean.

Our deals on compostable straws

If you are ready to shift to the eco-friendly compostable straws, our company offers a variety of options to choose from.

We have wheat and cane straws which are both biodegradable but differ in sizes and some features.

Compostable wheat straws come in longer and shorter sizes and are disposable because of their small diameter. Wheat straw is a sounding alternative to standard plastic drinking straws. You will get the same comfort while drinking.

Compostable cane straws are also available in shorter and longer sizes with large/medium/small diameters. These compostable straws are a bit different from the ones you get used to but their construction makes it easier to clean them and reuse.

All our biodegradable eco straws are non toxic, do not soak or add extra taste. They are suitable for any occasion and drink. We are ready to partner with different businesses and provide juicy offers on bulk purchases. Everyone should choose compostable straws today to contribute to better future and sustainable development.