• We’ve created YesStraws as an eco-friendly alternative to harmful plastic straws. Let’s change the world for the better together.


We’ve created YesStraws as an eco-friendly alternative to harmful plastic straws. Let’s change the world for the better together. Shop Now

Wholesale & Bulk Biodegradable Compostable Organic Straws Made from Plants!

Biodegradable Natural Straws To Help Our

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Why is it so important to ban all kinds of plastics and search for the biodegradable and compostable alternatives?

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Key benefits of Yes Straws

Plant-based material leaves a wonderful feeling on your lips.
Biodegradable and compostable+
All the used straws disappear in a few months.
Comfortable to use+
The various sizes and high-quality compostable material make our straws suitable for all hot and cold drinks.
Eco-friendly in every way+
We make our best to conserve natural resources and not to damage the wold we are living in.
The cutest+
Our biodegradable straws look great in all beverages. Whether you choose a glass of plain water or opt for a fancy cocktail, YesStraws will add extra points to the overall impression. Enjoy drinks in style while helping the planet stay clean.
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High-quality eco straws with great looks

While inventing YesStraws, we were keeping in mind a few basic goals which we successfully achieved. Now we can confirm that the products we offer are:

Eco-friendly. Our eco straws are truly earth-friendly as we create ecologically beneficial production by using agricultural by-products and giving life to the plant-based material which was treated as waste before.

Biodegradable and compostable. As far as we use pure plant material, you can move closer to the 0 waste concept of living with YesStraws. The straws decompose in a few months and live no toxic traces, actually no traces at all.

High-quality. We thoroughly choose suppliers and deliver only high-grade products. Our biodegradable straws are made of clean 100% natural material and do not contain any toxic chemicals as plastic disposable drinking straws You get a solid item suitable for cold and hot drinks that will not sodden or add a side taste.

Super stylish and comfortable to use. Everybody likes to surround himself or herself by good-looking stuff. And even though the trendy appearance of our earth-friendly straws was not the top priority, we are totally satisfied with the final look of YesStraws we got. Mother Earth did her best to help us in creating elegant stylish straws. Every time you take them, your internal aesthete gets his portion of delight. 

Eco-friendly straws are our mission

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These plant-based products disappear in a few months without any harm. YesStraws are: Biodegradable: the straws decay naturally under the influence of microorganisms. This process does not require any special conditions or effort and it usually takes around a few months to decompose.   Compostable: the straws can be put to the compost. After being put into the special environment, the straws will decay faster. This is a sound variant for those who make compost and use it as fertiliser. We love the idea that our eco straws are handy just when you need it, but then they disappear and leave no traces. It is absolutely cool that you can purchase biodegradable straws bulk and be confident that all the amount will decay after use.

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