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Have you been searching for disposable straws which are both convenient to use and ecologically friendly? You will find them here. At YesStraws, we are making wheat drinking straws that do not harm the world and bring you comfort and joy.

Natural wheat straws: what is it all about

We have created our straws as the replacement to plastic items that damage the environment badly. The idea of making drinking straws from wheat is quite simple yet highly beneficial. We take wheat stems, cut, clean and sterilize them. All this plant-based material is usually treated as waste so we do not deplete natural resources and help to use them more efficiently. We work with plant-based high-grade material so used YesStraws can be put in the compost where they decompose quickly.

Why move to eco wheat straws?

When you choose wheat straws, you choose a better future for our planet. We are happy to contribute to sustainable development by making our product:

  • Eco-friendly. We care about all the manufacture processes and try to make them zero waste. Our straws are made from renewable resources. We use the recycled package to deliver our product.
  • Wheat straws biodegrade naturally in a few months or they can be put into the compost for faster decay and future use as a fertilizer.
  • This feature is important for the HoReCa sector as far as they cannot manage the business without some disposable items. When they purchase wheat straws wholesale, they can be sure that all the amount of used straws will disappear naturally and will not stay forever at the landfills.

YesStraws: superior wheat straws for sale

Our straws are ecologically friendly and waste-free but what’s also important, – these straws bring joy and ease during drinking your favorite beverage. Disposable wheat straws perform great while sipping a cold or hot drink. They do not get soggy or add any extra taste.

You get our straws:

  • In short and long sizes. We provide you with two options to bring more convenience for every use.
  • In small and big amounts. We are ready to work and partner with all kind of businesses as well as individuals. You can purchase a smaller pack for a try or buy wheat straws bulk for cafe, restaurant, huge family gatherings.
  • At fair prices. Our straws are affordable and we are always ready to cooperate on beneficial terms with partners.