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If you need an extra durable and good-looking straw that will not bring any harm to the world, then it is time for an eco cane straw. YesStraws specializes in making 100% plant-based straws and we are happy to offer reusable environmentally friendly reed straws wholesale and retail.

Cane drinking straws: genuinely sustainable

We are interested in making our world better and contribute to sustainable development. We feel the responsibility to make a good and convenient product without damaging the environment. That is why we pay much attention to all the processes of manufacturing and delivering our natural reed straws. If you are buying from YesStraws, be sure that we provide you with an eco-friendly product.

First of all, we get material from renewable resources. What is even more important: our motherland is rich in cane, but many farmers face the problem of surplus after harvesting because they can’t sell all the cane. Lots of these farmers barely make ends meet and suffer from poverty. Also, as far as their crops are not in demand, this surplus goes to landfills. When we make our straws, we help the farmers and preserve natural resources.

We do not only help local communities but make straws that will not harm the environment after use. As you might know, plastic disposable straws ruin marine life and damage animals. Our cane straws have nothing to do with these items. We create a fully biodegradable product which means that the straws will decay in the ground in a few months after you throw them away. These straws are also compostable. We use only ecological materials to wash, dry and manufacture the straws so they do not pollute the environment.

Reed straws are great

You will definitely fall in love with our cane drinking straws because:

  • They are suitable for any drink you choose: cocktails, bubble teas, smoothies, fresh juices, coffee and many more. Be it hot or cold drink, our reed straws will not get soggy or add any taste.
  • Cane YesStraws can be easily cleaned and used again. Zero-waste lifestyle rules!
  • Our straws are super durable, they will withstand bites and pressure.
  • All YesStraws products look gorgeous. The simple yet stylish design adds to the overall impression of using cane drinking straws. We are sure you will like drinking and taking pics with our cute straws.

Cane straws for sale

We produce our straws in short and long sizes. Also, you can choose the large, medium or small diameter of the straw.

We are ready to cooperate with various partners. Buy cane straws bulk to move your business to the next eco-friendly stage.