Brand Story

We have created Yes Straws to replace toxic plastic drinking straws.

Our story starts in 2018 when we started to notice various news pieces about how plastic straws were being banned in areas of the United States and countries of the European Union. At first, we had no idea why this was happening, but when we started to read more, what we found was terrible!

Pollution all over the world is getting worse and worse. The oceans and beaches of Earth are covered in waste, and there some heart-wrenching videos showing how animals like sea turtles are dying because of plastic straws getting stuck in their noses. With almost 8.3 billion straws polluting our beaches, it is clear we need to do something.

This is the moment when YesStraws was born. We wanted to find an alternative that would help us avoid many of the problems that are presented by plastic straws. There had to be a better solution and we were going to find it.

 As residents of Eastern Europe, we observed how our local community, which was very agriculturally focused, had tons of extra cane (the stalk of cane plants). The common use was for roofs in the villages, but there wasn't much to do with it aside from that. The stuff was cheap to harvest and grows so fast it is almost impossible to use all of it.


Our cane straws are a unique product and are ecologically friendly in a way straws have never been before. We invented a technology to clean and sterilize the stalks so they are premium in quality. Although it took several iterations we created the best possible product, which is zero-waste and difficult to replicate.

Our team is composed of successful from the entrepreneurship and information technology (IT) space, but we wanted to find a way to help the people of our country (as well as the world). Making physical products is new to us, but we’ve found the challenges of production and logistics to be invigorating and are proud to be serving clients from the US and Europe.  

At YesStraws we have three core values:

  1. We are conscious about the planet and the effect we have on it.
  2. We place a HUGE emphasis on community and want to find more ways to help our motherland.
  3. Creating ecologically conscious products is a trend we want to be at the forefront of, because it is truly important to us.

We finally get a chance to help our home country by inventing a product that uses raw material they already have. These economically depressed regions are rich in cane, and giving them the opportunity to earn a better living for their families is our pleasure!

Our product is recognized by industry-specific media sources like Alpha-plast, Bioplastic News and Vending Times as one of the best innovative solutions for replacement on single-use plastic straws.