Long wheat straws in 250 straws package
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Long wheat straws
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Wheat Straws - Long (Pack of 250)

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If you have been searching for eco-friendly compostable straws, the wheat straws are exactly what you need. All our products are made of plants so they biodegrade easily and do not stay at the landfills for long or damage animals in the wildlife.

Wheat drinking straws are made according to the zero waste concept so you contribute to sustainable development by choosing this eco product. Moreover, the material we use for manufacturing is usually treated as waste in agriculture processes. Therefore we do not deplete natural resources and reduce unnecessary losses.

Our long wheat straws are 19 cm long and are comfortable to use with hot and cold drinks. Their length makes a perfect match with alcohol and non-alcohol cocktails, lemonade, bubble teas, and soft drinks. These eco-friendly straws will help you to avoid teeth plaque and unwanted contact with very hot drinks.

Our wheat straws do not get sodden soon so you have enough time to enjoy your drink. We offer you wheat straws wholesale in a pack of 250 items. These are disposable straws but their distinctive feature is fast degradability.

Many cafes, restaurants, and other HoReCa sector players need single-use straws. Plastic items are dangerous for the environment but you can always substitute them with our eco alternative. When you purchase wheat straws bulk, you make your business more eco-friendly and help our planet Earth to be a cleaner place to live in.