Cane Straws - Long (Pack of 250)

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Today our planet is suffering from pollution and natural resources shortage. That is why even the choice of such a small item as straw matters. It is important to choose recyclable straws that will disappear after using and will not damage animals and marine life.

We are happy to introduce the product which does not harm the planet and is comfortable and pleasant to use. These are our natural cane straws. Our country is rich in the cane but farmers do not manage to sell all the crops thus lots of raw material goes to landfills. We have decided to use cane stems to make cane drinking straws and to preserve natural resources from waste.

Our long cane straws come in 20 centimeters size and are possible to order in three diameters (small, medium, large). This kind of biodegradable straws is marked with extra durability and it is possible to reuse them after cleaning.

Eco cane straws perform well with both hot and cold drinks. It is comfortable to use them with such thick drinks like smoothies, fresh juices, milkshakes and many more. This set of 250 items will serve you for a long time as far as you can reuse the straws several times. But we also offer cane straws for sale in other amounts and sizes.

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