Wheat Straws - Short (Pack of 250)

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Our world is filled up with plastic waste which stays at the landfills for decades and damages living beings. We have created organic drinking straws to replace plastic items and provide the market with a good-quality product that does not harm the planet.

Our wheat straws are 100% eco-friendly as far as they biodegrade in a couple of months, the manufacture processes meet the zero-waste concept, and we use recycled materials for packages.

Making wheat straws from stems is quite a simple idea yet these small biodegradable straws contribute to sustainable development greatly. So whether you are choosing straws for individual everyday use or you are looking for compostable straws wholesale for your business, opt for our eco wheat straws and help mother Earth to stay clean.

If you are looking for wheat straws bulk, we are ready to provide you with a set of 250 items. These are short wheat straws (14 cm long) which are perfect for using with coffee drinks, various cocktails, and soft drinks.

Our wheat straws are disposable due to the small diameter. This feature makes them a perfect choice for the HoReCa sector where disposable items are needed. With our plant-based straws, you can be sure that your business does not contribute to the environment pollution as all the wheat straws biodegrade naturally and leave no traces.

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