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Our 19 Plastic Straw Alternatives To Save The Environment

Nowadays, nobody will be surprised by the fact that plastic straws damage our planet significantly. Being one of the most frequently found items in the ocean, plastic straws do not only harm marine life but can also hurt other animals and even people who eat polluted seafood. It’s time to ban these harmful single-use straws and move to the eco-friendly plastic straw alternatives. Hopefully, you have lots of options to choose from.

We have conducted thorough research to find various alternatives to plastic straws. All the variants have been studied in terms of their ability to biodegrade or be recycled. We have also highlighted the main pros and cons of using different types of straws. It’s high time to choose your ideal eco straw!

Naturally degradable straws

These plasticless straws are our favorite replacement for single-use straws. Biodegradable items are obviously superb. They do not harm our planet and just disappear after use. Biodegradation is a truly natural process which means that normal environmental conditions make materials decay to acceptable natural products.

Fortunately, we have lots of naturally degradable types of straws. Moreover, our company has also chosen this alternative to plastic straws. Our YesStraws are made from cane and wheat by-products. And we are happy to contribute to sustainability and reduce the plastic straws environmental impact by offering a greener product. You will find more biodegradable straws below.

Wheat straws

Wheat straws

Wheat straws come from 100% natural material: they are made from wheat stems. This material is usually treated as waste at the agriculture production, therefore, converting this ‘waste’ into straws allows saving natural resources.

Wheat straws are single-use straws that do not damage our environment. Throw used straws away, and they will disappear naturally in a few months. This type of straws is one of the best plastic straw alternatives for restaurants because this sector cannot work without single-use items.

We sell our biodegradable wheat YesStraws in long and short sizes plus you can choose different amounts of straws in a pack. Come and get your eco-friendly straws for every occasion.

Bamboo straws

bamboo straws

Bamboo stems are a really nice replacement for plastic straws. 100% durable plant-based material is highly sustainable, has good antibacterial properties, does not bend and can be easily composted after consumption. At the same time, bamboo straws are not something you are going to use all your life. Even though they can be washed, they will become dirty with time. Moreover, bamboo absorbs flavors.

Harvest straws

One more sustainable option for those who move to non-plastic straws. Made of grain stalks, harvest straws are pretty durable and comfortable to use. And when you finish them, just put the straws into compost.

Papaya leaf stems straws

papaya leaf stems

It is a very exotic yet extremely stylish alternative to plastic straws. Straws from papaya leaf stems are easy to manufacture. You just need to put away the leaves and rinse the stem. These straws make a perfect match with tropical cocktails and fresh coconut. Papaya leaf straws cannot be found online, you need to make them by yourself if you are lucky enough to live near this plant.

Hay straws

Choose hay straws if you want to sip your drinks as your ancestors did. Hay straws are absolutely natural and 100% biodegradable. These tiny things leave no traces after using them. The only trouble is their low durability and thinness which do not make hay straws the best alternative to plastic straws.

Cane straws

Here is one more biodegradable replacement for plastic straws that we love and find highly beneficial for our environment. Cane straws, as well as wheat ones, are produced from agriculture by-products so you help to preserve resources when you opt for a cane straw. These non-plastic straws are durable and can withstand numerous bites. Also, you can easily wash them and use again. Some drinking straws cannot be paired with all drinks but cane straws will serve hot and cold beverages, as well as very thick ones like a smoothie or fresh juice.

Nowadays, cane straws are one of the best plastic straw alternatives because they are:

  • Reusable
  • Durable
  • Biodegradable

We are happy to offer you a range of cane YesStraws on our website. Make an eco-friendly choice, choose a cane straw!

Paper straws

paper straws

In the places where there is a ban on plastic straws, paper straws are most frequently used. It mainly refers to cafes, bars and other similar places. Are paper straws better than plastic ones? Definitely yes! Paper is material from renewable resources and it biodegrades easily and fast. Therefore, used straws do not come to the ocean and do not harm any living beings. Still, fans of long drinks do not like paper straws for being soggy and adding unpleasant paper pulp taste.

Seaweed straws

Seaweed straws

This plastic straw replacement is not frequently found on the market but seaweed is a unique, eco-friendly and sustainable material. As we know, millions of straws come to the oceans and damage animals. Seaweed straws are absolutely safe for marine life and decay just in a few days. And even though seaweed straws are 100% plant-based, they act exactly like plastic straws. So if you want to take your skip to eco straws more comfortable, take a look at these.

Straw straws

Back to origins: this is exactly what straw straws are about. 100% biodegradable, designed by nature, and available in various sizes, – straw straws are great alternatives to plastic straws.

Metal straws

Metal straws

Chic and durable, metal straws are highly demanded on the market today. Why are metal straws better than plastic ones? Well, first of all, metal straws are extra durable. You can reuse them dozens of times and then send to recycling. Whereas some recyclable materials are not always easy and efficient to recycle (paper, fabrics, plastic), metal and glass items are great in terms of recycling. For example, you can recycle metal again and again. This saves natural resources and reduces the amount of waste at the landfills.

Moreover, metal straws are comfortable to use and to carry on. They are often sold with tiny elegant cases and a special tool for washing. Speaking about some cons, we should admit that these are not straws for hot drinks. Metal straws transfer heat and can also add a metallic taste. Some people also mark unpleasant clanking.

Today producers make metal straws from these materials:

  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Titanium

Glass straws

Glass straws

If you want to add a fancy and eco-friendly item to your dinners, opt for glass straws. These are reusable and easy to wash (most are dishwasher safe) straws. Squeamish persons can easily expect these clear straws for any dirt. Even though glass straws are rather breakable and uncomfortable to carry on, you can choose the item from reinforced glass which would be more durable. Some people declare glass straws as the best alternative to plastic straws because glass material does not add any specific taste. Plus fashionistas and aesthetes can choose from various cool designs.

Recycling is another important point here. Nowadays we must try to reduce our waste as much as we can. It is good when we choose naturally biodegradable items, but we can’t use only them. Thus, recycling is the option. We should convert our waste to new things. As you know, glass does not biodegrade for hundreds of years but can be easily recycled. That’s why glass straws must be sent to glass recycling factories when you break or stop using them.

Other straws

We have already reviewed the most popular plastic straw alternatives but there are some other types of straws that can be used as an efficient replacement for plastic straws. Some of them are pretty weird while others can be a good option in certain circumstances.

Hard plastic straws

We were looking for alternatives to plastic straws and ended up by adding hard plastic straws to a list. Isn’t it surprising! But let us explain. First of all, we are choosing substitutes for single-use plastic items that are filling our oceans and land. Usual plastic straws damage animals, contain harmful chemicals, cannot be recycled and, all in all, are not very comfortable to use. Thus, everyone should opt for reusable straws. Hard plastic straws can be a good option as far as these are reusable, portable, durable and washable straws.

Edible straws

Edible straws

Edible straws are newer to the market than other non-plastic straws. These tasty straws do not only help our planet to stay a cleaner place but add extra flavor to your favorite drinks. Being compostable and biodegradable, edible straws can be not only a funny choice but a great replacement for plastic straws.

Silicone straws

Silicon straws

Silicone straws are an option for those who do not like hard metal, glass, and plastic straws. Silicone is more sustainable material than plastic and it is rather soft. Are silicone straws safe? Surely, they are as far as you buy the straws from trusted manufacture. Parents often choose these reusable colorful silicone straws for their children’s everyday use. Moreover, silicone straws can be one of the plastic straw alternatives for the disabled. The only disappointing thing is the fact that you can’t recycle silicone items.

Carbon fiber straws

Carbon fiber straws

These reusable and washable straws are extremely stylish alternatives to plastic straws. Carbon looks gorgeous with its black color and polished surface. This material is used in cars, jet planes, bags and, now, even in straws. Carbon fiber straws do not contain BPA, have antibacterial properties and leave no aftertaste. They are comfortable to carry on because of the low weight.

Biodegradable plastic straws

Here is one more compromise option for those who search for a plastic straw replacement but can’t leave it immediately. Also, biodegradable plastic straws are one of the few available plastic straw alternatives for the disabled.

Biodegradable plastic straws usually look like ordinary straws and they are also single-use. But the difference for the environment is significant. Bioplastics are made from renewable resources like food waste, vegetable oils, and fats, by-products from agriculture. Some used plastic items can also be converted to bioplastics. Comparing to traditional plastic, bioplastic is less toxic (no BPA), has a lower carbon footprint and decomposes faster.

So is biodegradable plastic as superb? Items made from biodegradable plastic decompose naturally n the environment. But this is achieved only during certain conditions. In fact, biodegradable straws are not usually put in special compost and go to the same landfills and areas as ordinary straws.

Ice straws

Ice straws

Even though these are single-use straws, they are 100% zero-waste. Ice straws add joyful vibes to any drinks. You can even freeze some of your favorite beverages to make a straw of them. Have fun with ice straw and watch it disappear.  The pity thing is that you can’t carry ice straws with you and you still need a silicone form to make them.

Pasta straws

Pasta straws

Another simple yet extraordinary way of sipping your drink is to use pasta straws. This alternative to plastic straws is totally biodegradable and durable enough to withstand bites. Take noodles with a big diameter. Unfortunately, the specific pasta taste does not disappear and these non-plastic straws will get soggy with the time. No washing option as well.

Compact/collapsible straws

If the space in your bag matters and you do not like carrying bulky items, have a look at collapsible straws. These are compact, usually metal straws with telescopic design. They are packed in a special case that looks like a keychain. The straws are washable and reusable.

Final words

Changing habits is not as easy but it is very important for the environment. Disposable plastic straws have become a real problem for oceans, animals, and people. Thus, businesses and individuals make a conscious move to plastic straw alternatives. Today we have a wide range of different types of straws to choose from.

Let’s change the planet for the better together! Choose our 100% plant-based biodegradable wheat and cane YesStraws.




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  • Plastic drinking straws are one of those consumer items that individuals and governments are hoping to ban.The main argument against plastic straws is that far too many of them end up in the oceans, endangering marine life and negatively impacting the food chain. Fortunately, nowadays we have lots option of eco-friendly straws. Beside all of the choices above, actually there are many innovation that need more attention from the public such as straws made from seaweed. This innovation is discovered by the students of Universitas Airlangga, Indonesia, and already presented in The Asian Academic Society International Conference (AASIC) (Source: ). Even though, this straws prototype still need further research, yet hopefully this innovation can help to reduce the plastic waste pollution.

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