Wheat Straws - Short (Pack of 100)

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Are you moving to a more eco-friendly lifestyle or have you found out the ugly truth behind the disposable plastic products? Then you should try natural wheat straws that are made of plant-based material and biodegrade leaving no traces at all.

These organic drinking straws are manufactured with keeping in mind the zero-waste concept. This means that we make our best to reduce the waste of resources and even help our local agriculture producers by taking away raw materials they usually treat as garbage. Our wheat straws are made of stems that have been cut, cleaned and dried out. We certify all our products so you can rely on the quality of our goods.

We have created short wheat straws (14 cm) to fit such beverages as lemonade, soft drinks, and cocktails. Be sure that these plant-based straws will not get soggy and unhandy whether you are drinking hot or cold beverages.

Furthermore, our natural straws help to prevent teeth plaque while enjoying your favorite drink. We provide you with a pack of 100 items that will serve you in various situations. Bring these organic disposable wheat straws to cafes or family gatherings and be sure that used straws will not stay at the landfills but will biodegrade in a couple of months.

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